Daily Report 2014-07-26

That run went really well until it didn’t.

I expected to be really worn out after yesterday-and-the-day-before’s marathon of getting Chapter 3 fixed up, but actually I’m doing pretty well. A bit sleepy, yes, but not as bad as it could be, and thanks to my lovely wife I got a nap yesterday afternoon. So.

Plus I have a whole bunch of stuff I’m looking forward to reading now that I’m out from under the axe, AND I have solid starts on two separate scenes in Chapter 4. Yay!

My wife and I took a long-delayed trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday and I picked up Leviathan Wakes, which I’ve been wanting to read for a while, and a new Terry Pratchett book, Thief of Time. (New to me.) I consider Discworld books a precious and nonrenewable resource, and try to dole out reading new ones gradually, because the amount of joy they give me is a really nice thing to have handy when I need it.

Also I’m going to be rereading Wicked soon because I’ve listened to the musical’s soundtrack a good six(ty) times and want to read the book again now. Aaaand I’m planning on rereading Peter Watts’ book Blindsight, and Lev Grossman’s The Magicians (and sequel), because I want to discuss them on IRC and I have the memory of an aging (or possibly dead) goldfish.

Well, back to reading irc scrollback writing.

Daily Report 2014-07-25

So it’s technically the 26th. Who cares?

The last couple of days have been weirdly paced. Last night I was up until 7:30 this morning, finally finishing Cowkillers’ chapter 3. “Down to the wire” is a bit of an understatement, considering that I still needed to run it past alpha readers, do a sanity revision, and post it. But I made it! It was even eleven minutes before midnight in my producer’s time zone.

I have GOT to get my buffer fixed.

Chapter 3 was weirdly difficult for me. It’s an awkward place in the story – our main character, Chloe, knows probably two dozen of the 38 people in the cast, but the reader needs to be eased into everything slowly. And chapter 3 was the first big meeting, where lots of things are discussed and basically everyone is present, making it a bit of a nightmare to write without just flooding the reader in introductions. One of my alpha readers was still feeling pretty swamped by characters right up to the end, though less so than with the first draft, but what I have now seems to work for most people, and I think it’s good enough to go forward with. There are things I’ll be able to do in upcoming chapters to help with cast handling that I just couldn’t work into this chapter.

Also, I probably put in twelve hours of work on Cowkillers’ today, minimum. That’s not counting anything before 5 AM. It’s been . . . kind of rough, but in a good way. It’s nice to know that when the writing is actually work I can still do it and enjoy it. Or rather – I suspected as much anyway, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

Daily Report 2014-07-23

I had a really good run on the daily today. I hit six figures! So pride, much . . . I got nothing.

Anyway, about a week ago Kat and I did this, and I forgot to post it to my blog:

Luckily such oversights are easily fixed.

Today I’m going to be belatedly finishing up chapter 3 and getting, if possible, a solid start on chapter 4. Extra credit sees me starting chapter 5. I’m not as irritated at myself for being this behind as I should be, mainly because meatspace has been full of very good reasons to be behind that I’m not going to talk about here.

That said, I don’t actually like working this close to the wire. One of the reasons I’m working with Michael as a producer is because he can provide externally set deadlines, which gives me the ability to have deadline pressure that isn’t directly enforced by myself. The fact that he’s a webcomic author helps, because he knows all about trying to keep up with buffers and release schedules.

The important thing is, I think I’ve done enough research on lagomorphs now*.

* And I REALLY want a Flemish Giant.


Daily Report 2014-07-21

I think I’ve solved the problem of how I’m going to handle the weird Spelunky day flip. (It happens at 7 PM where I’m at which means the best times I have to play the daily challenge are secretly on the next day.) This is yesterday’s LP, which is today’s challenge, and I’m posting it with today’s daily report. Got it? Good. Moving on.

My death in this Spelunk was . . . magical. Jump fail + spike fail + I had a freaking cape. (Do I have more spike fails when I’m wearing a cape, or do I just notice them more? Probably the latter but seriously eesh.)

I think you hear my ten-month-old squeak somewhere near the end of this. He basically went back to sleep, and then I started with the writing, and the typing noises woke him up and so I didn’t get any significant amount of writing done. (Trying to calm a screaming child for an hour is much more tiring after midnight.) So, y’know, that’s a thing. If I don’t get this chapter done by the end of today (which happens at about five AM tomorrow as far as I’m concerned) I’m going to be . . . fairly irritated with myself. So we’ll see how that goes.

Most of today is going to be spent on a visit with irl friends and taking the car to the shop. But I’ll have my laptop along so maybe I’ll experience sweet sweet victory.

Spelunky Daily Challenge 2014-07-15

So, like, I’m glad that I’m back to remembering my dreams suddenly, but this morning I dreamed I was flying over Sunnydale, visiting various locations from Buffy and screaming “IT’S ALL CONNECTED! IT’S ALL CONNECTED!” while a black-and-white video of some guy monologuing about a demon party he attended plays in the background.

Dear brain: If you’re trying to tell me something . . . I don’t get it.

Spelunky Daily Challenge 2014-07-14

Remember when I said that playing late at night improves my Spelunking? Yeaahhhhhhhhh . . .

On the other hand, now that it’s the next day and in the afternoon I have successfully done a $185,550 run, which is at least 50% better than my previous. It involved, among other things, forgetting that I was on bad terms with the shopkeepers and going into the Black Market with $100,000 muneez. (I survived, but the ankh didn’t.)

Cowkillers’ dev today has been focused on magic systems and geopolitics, since I figured out that that’s what’s been holding me up.