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Over at Righteous Orbs, Tamarind and Chastity have weighed in on the portal discussion.

I should totally do this with my wireless network.

Patrick Rothfuss is running his annual Worldbuilders fundraiser for Heifer International. This is my second-favorite fundraiser, right after Desert Bus for Hope. Worldbuilders has actually been running for a while, but it doesn’t end until the 13th, so take a look if you’re interested. In related news, he’s asked for the word to be spread regarding a signed Brett Favre jersey that was donated, since it’s a bit off the wall for the sorts of things usually given away at Worldbuilders. To be honest I don’t actually know who Brett Favre is – my interest in football is generally limited to the occasional Superbowl commercial – but I gather he’s popular or something.

A group in Canada enjoys charity status, despite their primary goal being to “cure” homosexuals. The good news is that a number of Canadian politicians are working to remove said status.

Awesome air cannon is awesome.

Also via Lifehacker, how to make hand-pulled cotton candy. See, the problem with Lifehacker is that they put up a ton of posts and most of them are interesting – every once in a while I just have to say, “Well, hundred interesting Lifehacker items, I’m just not going to get around to you. Sorry.” This is actually why I stopped watching BoingBoing. It’s like Lifehacker on crack.

I recently caught back up on Shortpacked! after losing track of it for a while. (It has an RSS feed now!) I have to link this page (which in and of itself holds no plot spoilers which I can think of) because I can’t stop chuckling every time I see it. Ooh, this one too.

Not a link, but a quote from my friend Blake H.: “Life is a series of newspaper clippings strung together by the time it takes to read them. “ He pretty much just popped that out while we were chatting, in between linking me music on Youtube and gently chiding me for my soft rock addiction.

Writing Progress (Derelict): Er, none today. But I wrote a blog post! Yay me!

Current Music: Nothing, I’m on my laptop and left my headphones in my desktop. But I listened to a bunch of stuff on Pandora earlier, so it’s all good.

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